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Meet ZALE, a driven young powerhouse based in Atlanta, GA with purple hair whose unique musical style combines her classical training, love of the blues narrative, and rock n’ roll attitude. ZALE is touring around the Southeast, promoting her debut solo record “Fortress,” which was released in March 2015. The bold front-woman and songwriter has headlined well-known venues like The Georgia Theatre and 40 Watt Club, always making audiences lust after her velvety vocals delivered with the masterful sureness of a seasoned performer. You simply cannot look away when this rock chick hits the stage. Zale and her band will keep you wanting more of their “Alternative Americana” sound by seamlessly showcasing a wide range of genres in the same set, because the woman can deliver. ZALE is also a member of a female Rock duo called The Pussywillows with her writing partner and best friend, Carly Gibson. As a recent graduate of The University of Georgia, ZALE earned degrees in Social Media Theory and Music Business and now the soulful songstress is putting her education to the ultimate test, zealously managing her career as an independent solo artist. ZALE has been called “a combination of Amy Winehouse and The Black Keys;” “soulful, sublime, and Southern”; and “a fiery combination of soul, grit, and Jack Daniels Honey” …get yourself a taste. Visit for music, upcoming show dates and more.


The young front-woman and songwriter has just completed her debut solo record “Fortress” released March 24, 2015 with Republic Records-signed, Louisiana-based rockers Baby Bee (Joe and David Stark). “ZALE is certainly an artistic force to be reckoned with. Her voice carries her strongly through a wide variety of musical styles,” Joe Stark.

ZALE’S record is somewhat of an artistic experiment. Each song has been carefully crafted by the songwriter to fit the sole narrative of the individual song, rather than fitting all of the songs to one predetermined sound. This alternative Americana artist does not play by the rules of the industry; she has always followed the beat of her own drum and continues to do so in winning fashion.

Based on her current age, here are 24 facts you should know about Zale:

  • Classically trained in opera.
  • Acted in 25+ musicals through the years, singing and dancing her way into hearts across Middle Georgia.
  • Sang her first song in public at age 3 at her sister’s Bat Mitzvah.
  • Wrote her first song at age 14.
  • Used to (and maybe still does) choreograph dances to Britney Spears songs.
  • Has been wearing the same perfume – Daisy by Marc Jacobs – since she was 13.
  • Loves influencing the next generation; she’s been a nanny, preschool teacher, songwriting coach, and is aunt to a fabulous 2 year old.
  • Believe it or not, this rock goddess was in sororities in high school and college.
  • Drinks Jack Daniels exclusively. See her JACK FIRE COMMERCIAL.
  • Wears her leather jacket way too far into the warm season.
  • Her dream venue to play is Red Rocks.
  • Studied voice at the elite Jan Smith Vocal Studio.
  • Begins writing most songs in E minor and uses the word chicken until she has a melody.
  • Biggest musical influences are Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Alanis Morissette, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The London Grammar, Jack White, and Carol King.
  • Is a Georgia girl born and bred; only seen snow twice in her life.
  • Uses an alter-ego name “Candee” when she’s feeling especially bitchy.
  • Has no tattoos.
  • Was a pageant girl… she hoped for world peace and a large brownie.
  •  Wrote over half the songs on her current record while in the shower.
  • Is in a female duet group called THE PUSSYWILLOWS with her best friend Carly Gibson.
  • Was the front woman of an Athens, GA based rock band called Boomfox for 5 years. The group released two EP’s available on iTunes.
  • Loves being on camera; hosting, acting and voiceovers – bring it on!
  • ZALE is not her last name.
  • Life’s ambition is to perform her original music for people who want to listen.
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    Founder of AMP – Artist Management and Promotion says, “It is clear when you hear Zale that the girl has IT.” The young woman has a powerful voice, relatable songs, and a stage presence that makes every audience member an instant fan. She is powerhouse singer and a tough contender in the current music scene. Check out ZALE’S website for show dates, music, videos, photos and more:!