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Z Newsletter – November, 2015


Hello and thank you so much for your constant support encouragement. We couldn’t do this without you. We wanted to update you on some exciting things that are happening in the Zalien Nation:

1. Zale Band is playing Smith’s Olde Bar on 11/27 opening for The Last Waltz. It will be a great night of music. Come dance all that turkey right off!! Get your tix now: The Last Waltz w/ ZALE.

2. We just recorded 2 full band live performance videos of new original songs at our studio Soundlab Atlanta and we are so excited to share them with you guys! The songs will be featured on our upcoming record and the videos will be released in January so please be on the lookout for this exclusive new material.

3. Hannah Zale is looking to book some intimate style house shows for the winter and spring! Zale duet is perfect for your holiday party, family/friend get-togethers, and much more. Name your own price and have the most unique entertainment. The band is happy to learn any songs you and your guests would like and are even willing to write parodies to surprise loved ones. Contact Zale for more information and available dates.

4. JOIN OUR STREET TEAM AND BECOME A VIP ZALIEN. Earn tickets, exclusive recordings, merchandise, signed photos, and even shots of Jack Daniels with Zale herself. All you have to do is share, post, and spread the love. Click the link to learn more.

5. Have you seen the trippy and surrealist Onyx video?????? Watch and share with your friends. This sharing helps Zale more than you know! While you are watching, take an extra second to subscribe to the Zale Music YouTube page so you can see all the new content first!

6. Zale Band is 12 songs into their 20-song goal for the new record! We are looking for the perfect producer and studio to fit the sound. Please let us know any suggestions you have for the project on our Facebook page! You rock.

7. Speaking of videos, have you checked out Dank’s cover video of No Doubt’s “Hella Good” featuring Zale?! This is collaboration at its finest. #zaleyeah #crankthedank

From HZ:

“Guess I’m one of those who only learns right from doing wrong. One of those who believes the world can change with a song.”

Sending each one of you light and peace. Please remember that the dreamers of the world are the lucky ones.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE EVERY DAY. Life is too short, my beautiful Zaliens. I love you.


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