Christian Gerner-Smidt // Guitar

Christian Gerner-Smidt was born and raised in a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. Since a young age, he was always drawn to music, singing in church and school choirs and playing xylophone. When Christian and his family moved to the US at age 14, his parents bought him his first guitar and he was immediately hooked. Now 26, Christian has picked up several other instruments, including the triangle and the elusive kazoo, and continues his love affair with music. When he’s not playing music, Christian studies biomanufacturing at the University of Georgia.

Melissa Loga // Viola

Born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, Melissa Loga knew from a young age she wanted to dedicate her life to music. Beginning the violin at age 5, she quickly became enamored with the sound of strings and picked up the viola at age 12, also supplementing her musical studies with voice by age 8. Loga obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Music by Spring of 2013, and Master’s degree in Viola Performance by Spring 2015 at the University of Georgia, under the tutelage of Maggie Snyder. She has performed in master classes and soloed across the United States, in Milan, Turin, and Alessandria, Italy, in May of 2014. Ms. Loga currently teaches and gigs in the greater Atlanta area, while also playing electric viola and singing backup vocals for the band ZALE.

Jack Reed // Bass

Jack Reed is a classically trained music educator currently residing in Athens, Georgia. He spent his entire childhood surrounded by music – his mother earned a degree in classical organ/music education, and his father played music in bands on and off throughout the 1990’s. He began to explore music and the possibility of pursuing a career in music at the age of 13 when he received a guitar for his birthday. This led to 4 years of marching band, 2 years of choir, 2 years of musical theater, and lots of extra-curricular music throughout high school, as well as the study of music education, in which he holds a degree, during his years at the University of Georgia. He currently plays in multiple groups, including The Everywhen and ZALE, and directs both a vocal choir and hand bell choir at a local church.

Alex Morrison // Drums

As a musician and drummer from an early age, Alex Morrison’s drumming style fuses creative, melodic phrasing with a powerful and confident sound. His thirst for perfection never ceases, from professional studio settings to a live set. The never-ending strive to learn is punctuated by Alex’s performance repertoire in multiple bands in the Atlanta area, as well as an extensive list of educators he has studied under. He has a well-rounded sense for music, with experience in playing drumset, auxiliary percussion, guitar, bass, piano, vocals, and more.