Welcome to Zale's Street Team

“Our mission is to gather Zaliens and to take over the universe by using the power of an outspoken community to ignite passion and contagious enthusiasm for Zale’s music.”

Zale Yeah

My zealous Zaliens!


I want to personally welcome you and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for joining the ZALE STREET TEAM! As an independent artist it means more to me than I could ever put in words to have enthusiastic people like you volunteer to spread my music, my name and, my message. I simply cannot do this thing alone. TOGETHER we can show the world a powerful vision of love and joy through the expression of song! I am delighted you have decided to join the cause. After all, the more Zaliens, the better chance we have of taking down human kind (or at least some terrible top 40 artists). That being said, welcome to the team and thank you so much for helping me make my dream come true before my eyes. Let’s rock n’ roll!


I love you lots,


Frequently Asked Questions

A street team is a group of (awesome) people who promote a product or an event. Street teams are very effective promotion tools that have been adopted industry-wide as a standard line item in indie artist marketing. You can also think of it as a cyber team!
By joining a street team, not only do you become a part of a growing community, but you also create relationships with other members of your team through your shared enthusiasm of the product in which you represent, which in this case ZALE and her music! You also help your friend ZALE get rich and famous so one day she can buy everyone healthcare and yachts (ZALE is very practical).
As a member of ZALE’s Street Team you are encouraged to engage with your community and transfer enthusiasm for ZALE and her music. Your main objective is to aid in building a larger audience of long-term fans (aka Zaliens). You can complete this fun task this by accomplishing any number of the suggested doings listed in the “ACTIVITIES” section.
(NOTE: ZALE encourages her Zaliens to be creative and use his or her own talents, skills, networks, and resources to make the biggest impact possible!)


As a member of ZALE’s street team you will be an ambassador of ZALE and her music. You will be a part of a rewarding underground community, form meaningful relationships with other music lovers, and get to know ZALE behind the scenes and off stage!

– – – –

You will be making an individual’s dream attainable. This is great karma building, folks.

– – – –

Oh yeah, and FREE STUFF! EVERYONE LIKES FREE STUFF! Collect ZALE merchandise and more for your time and efforts. You will be eligible for rewards based on your involvement and commitment. ZALE and her team will review progress updates monthly in order to determine the level of each street team member.

Zalien Levels


Free Stickers

Autographed Posters

Autographed Pictures


All Gold Benefits

Autographed Copy of Fortress

Show/Event/Social Song Requests


All Silver Benefits

Free Guitar Picks

Website & Social Shout Outs


All Onyx Benefits

Free Zale T-Shirt

Dinner with Zale

Personal Show Shout Out and Jack Daniel’s Shot

Exclusive Recordings/Demos of Upcoming Songs

Purple Zaliens are also responsible for smaller Zalien teams, gathering documentation and materials, providing progress updates, hosting team meetings, recruiting additional Zaliens, and fostering a positive team environment.


Team members may choose to do as many or as few of these activities as
their schedules permit. You are under no obligation to complete all
activities. Keep in mind, however, that by completing more tasks you could be eligible to receive larger rewards and the faster Z can get that yacht delivered to you.

Offline Marketing

Hang flyers/posters

Word of mouth

Distribute handbills / business cards / stickers

Bring guests to events/shows in your area

Online Instagram Marketing

Follow @hzale

Share ZALE-related photos with followers and tag @hzale

Share upcoming shows/events through Instagram posts

Use appropriate ZALE-related has tags with ZALE posts

Tag your friends/followers that you think would like ZALE and her music when @hzale posts (simply comment on the photo to tag your buddy)

Hashtags & Emoji’s

Please use the following hash tags when posting about ZALE on social media:







Purple Hears, Purple Music Notes, Crown, the “Miley Cyrus” smiley with the tongue sticking out

Online Facebook Marketing

“Like” the ZALE Facebook Page

“Like”, share, and/or post on ZALE’s Facebook posts

Share events via status update / profile photo / cover photo

Share via status update

Invite friends to events

Invite friends to “like” page

Share any ZALE-related links (YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, press, pics, etc)

Tag friends in ZALE-related posts

Use appropriate ZALE-related hash tags with posts

Online Twitter Marketing

Follow @hzale

Tweet about ZALE, ZALE’s music, shows, yourself wearing a ZALE shirt, etc….

Retweet ZALE’s tweets

Tweet about upcoming shows/events

Tweet ZALE-related pictures and tag celebrities, venues, your friends, & OTHER ZALIENS (this is a takeover, right?)

Use appropriate and corresponding ZALE-related hashtags with ZALE tweets

Online YouTube Marketing

Subscribe to ZALE’s YouTube channel – ZALE MUSIC. Sharing covers is a great way for ZALE to reach new listeners and potential Zaliens!

Increase YouTube views by watching ZALE’s videos and sharing through social media outlets (tag bands/artists/friends/and use hashtags)

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