About Zale



is a boundary-pushing, unapologetic alternative solo project based in Atlanta, GA. Ethereal melody meets massive carnal beats and catchy rude riffs to deliver alternative music with moxie. This young indie act has sold out venues like Eddie’s Attic, The Georgia Theatre, and Terminal West, touring the southeast supporting debut release “Fortress.” ZALE released their second LP “Eye See You” with Madison Records and Sony Orchard in August 2018. ZALE opened for The Revivalists and Bright Light Social Hour, played Bragg Jam and Dogwood Festival and looks forward to a full tour schedule. Fans have described ZALE’s sound and live performance as fun, energetic, badass, fearless, edgy, tight, sensual, and dynamic. For booking contact: hzalet@gmail.com.

Eye See You

ZALE recorded their second full length album at indie label Madison Records in Atlanta, Georgia. The band is thrilled to be under the wing of young producers Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates. “We are excited to deliver a rock record that displays our genuine moxie and collective experiences over the past year. Our sound has evolved a lot since “Fortress.” We are darker and deeper and weirder and so is the world we live in,” says lead singer, Hannah Zale. The new record reflects a certain kind of assured grit; cool hooks and mean riffs make for an excellent pair. Released August 2018. Stream ZALE’s new record, HERE!


The front-woman and songwriter, Hannah Zale, completed her debut solo record “Fortress” released March 24, 2015 with Republic Records-signed, Louisiana-based rockers Baby Bee (Joe and David Stark). “Zale is certainly an artistic force to be reckoned with. Her voice carries her strongly through a wide variety of musical styles,” Joe Stark.

ZALE’S record is somewhat of an artistic experiment. Each song has been carefully crafted by the songwriter to fit the sole narrative of the individual song, rather than fitting all of the songs to one predetermined sound. This alternative Americana record does not play by the rules of the industry; she has always followed the beat of her own drum and continues to do so in winning fashion.


“A fiery combination of soul, grit, and Jack Daniels Honey.”
– Perimeter North Magazine